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Flat Iron, Fajitas & More

March Beef Share

This month's beef share is loaded. With 2 highly underrated steaks, chuck roast and stir fry, it's truly a good bang for your buck. Perfect for small freezers.

2 Flat Iron Steaks, 2 Flank Steaks, 1 Large Chuck Roast, 1 lb Stir Fry

Pickup available the first weekend of the month at our Morgantown location or at Pigeon Creek in Pottstown

Our Story

How it all began

Cedar Meadow Swine was established as a farm when my (Joy's) grandpa purchased the farm in 1955 after he was unable to buy several other properties. He based the farm around producing hogs, in conjunction with cattle to add diversity to the business; quite different from the typical dairy farm of the area. The cedar meadow above the barn was used to house the sows and hence the farm was named “Cedar Meadow Swine”. The farm is now in its second generation and Cedar Meadow Meats has been established as its retail division.

Cattle in grass


Our goal is to manage what we have sustainably in order to enhance our soils and minimize our carbon footprint. We utilize strategies such as cover cropping, not tilling, managing our water run-off, and creating buffers along our waterways. We take pride in the fact that we use our livestock’s manure to feed the crops, the crops to feed our livestock, and our livestock to feed us as well as many other families. As farmers and stewards of the land we view this as a key responsibility.

Farm to Fork

Farm to fork flavor far outpaces that found in the grocery store. How the animal was fed, the quality of the cut, and even the butcher all make the difference. In fact, did you know that the highest premium cuts on the market are sold overseas and never make it to the grocery cooler? The best beef eating experience can sometimes only be found by sourcing your meat privately.

Retail Beef

Retail cuts are always available through our preferred vendors or directly through us. We also offer monthly beef shares; subscribe for 1, 3, or 12 months.

Freezer Beef

We have openings for freezer beef February 2024, March 2024 and May 2024.

Pork show

Freezer Pork

We are selling market hogs for freezer pork. They are born and raised on our farm. Our hogs are Yorkshire and they have an average market weight of 290 lbs. Our pork is registered as Pa Preferred, which promotes locally raised agriculture here in Pennsylvania.

Accepting Orders

We have openings for March and June 2024.

A variety of soaps

Cedar Meadow Naturals

Our all natural tallow line that is sourced from our farm. Tallow is a trusted resource that has been used by even the earliest settlers for skin care, cooking, and as a cleaning agent. High in Vitamins A, E, D & K, tallow is especially nourishing to the skin and we are positive you will see the difference around your home!

All natural laundry powder
Key Benefits

Superior Care

We believe in doing what is right for our livestock and caring for them is our foremost priority. Their well being comes before any other task on the farm.

Enhanced Flavor

Our finishing ration has been fine tuned to provide a consistent, well marbled, and flavorful product to you. Expect the best when you purchase Cedar Meadow Meats!

Quality Certified

We are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) certified, and Pa Preferred meaning that you can trust our product is safe and wholesome.

How Beef Compares

A 3-oz serving of cooked beef = 25 grams of high-quality protein plus 9 other essential nutrients in one tasty package. High-quality protein, like beef, contains the essential amino acid leucine, which research shows activates the muscle-building switch in the body.

Beef is a nutritional powerhouse in a smaller package than other protein foods. Apart from being a great source of protein, it would take 8 ounces of cooked chicken breast to eat the same amount of iron as in just 3 ounces of beef, and nearly 7 times (20 ounces) the amount of chicken to get the same amount of zinc in a serving of beef!

  • 1
    Electrolytes: The three main electrolytes are sodium, potassium, and magnesium.
  • 2
    Helps Fight Cancer: Conjugated linoleic acid is unique because it’s one of the only anticancer nutrients derived from meat.
  • 3
    Healthy Fats: Beef contain omega-3 fatty acids which helps alleviate rheumatoid arthritis, helps fight depression, and helps you focus.
  • 4
    Decrease Risk of Heart Disease: Beef contains an abundance of vitamin E & lower amounts of bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol).

Can I order less than a quarter?

Unfortunately no, because we use a custom butcher instead of a USDA processing plant.

What's my exact cost?

Every animal's weight is different, but the cost per pound will stay the same.

Where do I start?

1Choose how much
Get started by selecting which option is right for you. Fill out the form and click submit.
Once we receive your submission, we'll reach out to you via phone or email within 2 business days to arrange payment: Venmo, Credit Card, Check, or Cash.
We'll contact you once your order is ready for pick-up at Martin's Custom Butchering. Or you can request delivery for an additional fee.

Beef Shares

A rotating selection of classic and unique cuts of our quality locally grown beef, all in the perfect size for your freezer. Pick up available the first weekend of the month.

1 Month Beef Share

1 Month Beef Share

Save 10%!


3 Month Beef Share

3 Month Beef Share

Save 20%!

Single payment of $267

12 Month Beef Share

12 Month Beef Share

Save over 25%!

Single payment of $996

Freezer Beef

Quarter Steer Cut Picture

By the Quarter

Get all the variety in a smaller quantity.

  • Approx. 126 lbs. of beef
  • 42 lbs of steak/chuck roasts
  • 84 lbs of premium hamburger/ground beef
  • Transportation & butcher fee $205

Hanging weight (Approx. 210 lbs.)

Half Steer Cut Picture

By the Half

Our most popular selection; perfect for grilling all summer!

  • Approx. 252 lbs. of beef
  • 84 lbs of steak/chuck roasts
  • 168 lbs of premium hamburger/ground beef
  • Transportation & butcher fee $330

Hanging weight (Approx. 420 lbs.)

Whole Steer Cut Picture

By the Whole

Buy in bulk and save! Stock up your freezer with beef.

  • Approx. 504 lbs. of beef
  • 168 lbs of steak/chuck roasts
  • 336 lbs of premium hamburger/ground beef
  • Transportation & butcher fee $700

Hanging weight (Approx. 840 lbs.)

Freezer Pork

Half Hog Cut Picture

Half Hog

Fits perfect in a smaller freezer.

  • Approx. 82 lbs. of pork
  • Cuts divided equally between the two halves
  • Transportation & butcher fee $135

Hanging weight (Approx. 110 lbs.)

Whole Hog Cut Picture

Whole Hog

Popular choice, stock up your freezer with pork.

  • Approx. 165 lbs. of pork
  • Transportation & butcher fee $270

Hanging weight (Approx. 220 lbs.)


Punch your Ticket to High Quality Beef & Pork

3 Easy Payment Steps:

  • 1

    Deposit to Secure Spot

    A deposit is needed to hold your spot as once an animal leaves the farm, we cannot take it back due to biosecurity risks. Likewise, we do not send animals unless we have confirmed homes for all of the meat. Quarter: $400 Half: $600 Whole: $800.
  • 2

    Balance on Animal

    Once the animal is sent to the butcher and we have a hanging weight, we will send you an invoice for the balance. We charge on a per pound basis and want to charge you fairly. This is the final payment made to us, Cedar Meadow Meats.
  • 3

    Butchering Cost

    The butchering fee gets paid directly to the butcher upon meat pickup for your final payment on your beef or pork.

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Our Mission

"Our mission is to educate and provide quality farm raised beef and pork for you and your family."
~Gareth & Joy Yoder

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Our customers say it best. From the great quality, superb taste, or by supporting local businesses their feedback and support is what drives us to do what we do.

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