Raised with You in Mind

Our Quality

Our quality is second to none. How the animal was cared for, what it was fed, and even the butcher all make a difference.

Our Community

We count it a privilege to be able to feed our family farm raised Beef and Pork. We want to share this opportunity with you!

Our Care

We strive to do what is best for our animals, the land, and our community.

Our Values

We strive to provide safe, wholesome, and flavorful Beef and Pork for your whole family.


We are Gareth & Joy Yoder, owners of Cedar Meadow Meats, a division of Cedar Meadow Livestock. Our family has been raising cattle, hogs, and crops in Elverson, PA after Grandpa Beam bought the farmstead in 1955. We are the third generation to be invested in the business and do not take this opportunity for granted. We’ve been privileged to eat farm raised beef and pork our entire lives and want to offer this experience to you as there is simply nothing like it.

From our family’s legacy to yours, let us share our farm raised beef & pork with you!

- Gareth & Joy
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Superior Care

We believe in doing what is right for our livestock and caring for them is our foremost priority. Their well-being comes before any other task on the farm.

Enhanced Flavor

Our finishing ration has been fine-tuned to provide a consistent, well marbled, and flavorful product to you. Expect the best when you purchase Cedar Meadow Meats!

Quality Certified

We are Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) certified, and Pa Preferred meaning that you can trust our product is safe and wholesome.

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Waste Not

Our goal is to use as much of the animal as possible. We also use the fat, organ meat, and other products from each animal that is processed.

Full Circle

We use the manure from our livestock to feed our crops, our crops to feed our livestock, and our livestock to feed us and our community!


We feed by-products, like discarded bread and old melons, to our cattle. The cattle love it and it keeps this waste out of the land fill.


We use strategies like cover cropping and planting green in our fields to conserve nutrients, manage soil run off and preserve our greatest asset- the land.



We have a banging beef share just for you.
This months beef share

July Beef Share

A perfect mix of Beef cuts including steak for grilling, cuts for smoking, steak for fajitas, and more!

2 NY Strip Steaks, 1 Skirt Steak, 1 Large Tri-Tip, 1 lb Chipped Steak, 1 lb Ground Beef

Pickup available the first weekend of the month at our Morgantown location or at Pigeon Creek in Pottstown

From our Farm to Your Table


Our awesome vendors we have the pleasure to work with!

Become a vendor

Do you have a farm stand? Are you a chef? We would love to work with you!

Vendors benefit from exclusive vendor pricing and are featured on our social media platforms.

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Cedar Meadow Naturals Logo

Cedar Meadow Naturals is our all natural line of tallow products made from tallow that is sourced from our farm. Tallow is a trusted resource that has been used by even the earliest settlers for skin care, cooking, and as a cleaning agent. Tallow is especially nourishing to the skin and is perfect for sensitive skin types, eczema, and infants. We are positive you will see the difference around your home!

Jar of tallow for sale.

All-Natural Tallow

5 scented soaps for sale.

All-Natural Soaps

Our lavender laundry powder for sale.

All-Natural Laundry Powder